Gatedcontent is lead-capture extension for TYPO3. The extension provides editors with a configurable form element to collect user data. In exchange for personal information like e-mail address, name, company etc., visitors can access downloads or a single TYPO3 page. Those assets cannot be accessed directly, by passing on a link or by any other short-cut by-passing registration.

composer require dpool/gatedcontent

gated content: the heart of inbound marketing.

Gated content is online content that users can only access after registering. Content providers deliver valuable insight in all kinds of formats, ranging from articles, videos and white papers, to podcasts and webinars. To gain access to your best content, users are willing to provide real names, email, phone numbers and other data in exchange, effectively creating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s)

Quality and relevance drive interest

From a content marketing point of view, content that is worth the effort of registering must be of real value to the users. To safely make that claim and convince users to share their personal details, they must be able to experience the quality of the content you are sharing.

That means what you share before registration must be very well targeted and presented in the right fashion, to make your audience understand the level of relevance and quality that awaits them. As a rule of thumb: the balance between what is freely available and what is kept behind the gate, is crucial to your inbound marketing success.

What does good gated content look like? It is obvious that gated content has to be of high quality. If the content is uninteresting, the provider doesn't just annoy the customer. It also damages its own image. As a rule, content that is suitable for gating offers easy solutions for target group-specific problems. It depends not only on the problem solving itself, but also on the way of the presentation:

  • The content must prove the competence of the provider.
  • It must be easy to read and understand at the same time.

Ideally, the customer will connect the solution to their personal problem with the brand, website or blog. Then an essential marketing goal for gated content has been achieved. Gated content has many advantages:

  • The limited access alone gives the content greater added value. The user classifies the received content as premium content from the outset. Of course, this expectation must not be disappointed. The access restriction alone is not a quality feature.
  • A customer's willingness to divulge data is an important indicator that they are genuinely interested. And it is precisely this meta-information that the user provides by filling out a form.

Why technology matters

  • configurable forns let you capture what you really need to know
  • any kind of target content can be placed “behind the gate”
  • dependable security make by-passing your gate impossible
  • functionality and design is embedded in your TYPO3 CMS, no second loginm, no further external templates to worry about.

Some tech-talk

Adjustable templates

Templates for the form and content element are programmed with fluid an can easily be adjusted in your project.

Quickstart for bootstrap

The standard templates of the extension use bootstrap classes in order to give you a head-start if your project is already using bootstrap as a frontend-framework.

Leverage the TYPO3 event dispatcher

If you need to collect the user data directly to the CRM-system you simply have to implement an event listener to intercept the user data after the extension has secured the process.

Full control over communication

Each instance of the form can be individualized with heading, text, image and you have full control over the content of the e-mails going to the visitor.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How is my content protected?

Securing the actual content is not done by the extension. Gated files should be placed in a part of the file-system that is not directly accessible over the internet - either via folder directive (ie. htaccess protection on an apache-server or the like) or by placing the file outside the document root of the website. Gated pages should be protected using the built-in TYPO3 user group mechanism.

Does the form have spam-protection?

Yes. We are using a honeypot mechanism.

Can I approve requests manually?

Yes. The extension provides an optional email-based confirmation mechanism.

Is the implementation DSVGO-conform?

Yes. The extension provides an email-based Double-Opt-In mechanism to ensure a good degree of verification of intend.

Does the extension store user data in the database?

Saving user data in the database is optional and can be configured vi TypoScript.

Does the extension integrate with CRM-Systems?

Currently, the only built-in behaviour is sending an e-mail containing the collected user data to one or more e-mail addresses. However, the extension broadcasts collected user data via the TYPO3 event dispatcher - after the configured Double-Opt-In and/or confirmation mechanisms have had their say. Making it easy for an integrator to implement a tailored solution for your project.

Can users opt-in to my newsletter via the gated content form?

The built-in list of form elements contains a checkbox “newsletter” which can be used to get used confirmation to be included in a company newsletter. Currently, there is no automated integration with any newsletter systems.

Can I use it without composer?

No. The extension requires 3rd-party composer packages to run properly. It may be possible to tweak this manually. However, we have not tried it.


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